February 02, 2006

Want vs. Commit

Continuing on the theme of the last Making It Happen entry, let me ask you a question. "Do you want to build a successful business? Most business owners and entrepreneurs will say "Yes, are you crazy? Of course I want to have a successful business." Now let me ask you, are you committed to building a successful business?" There is a critical difference between wanting and being committed to making it happen.

So you want to have a successful business, you say. As nice as it would be, wanting doesn’t necessarily lead to "having". Furthermore, wanting without having begets more wanting. It’s a vicious circle that consumes precious time and energy.

Now try this on for size. Repeat after me, "I commit to having a successful business."
You’re thinking, "This is silly." But give it a try. Do it. You know, commitment is a higher level of wanting. The definition of the word commit is "to devote oneself unreservedly"; reservedly being the operative word here. This means you will give 100%; no holding back, no excuses, no ‘ifs’ ‘ands’ or ‘buts’ and no "Yeah, I would have but they…". Failure is not an option.

Running your own business is tough; that’s not new news. However, no matter how great or how unique you think your service or product is, there are a hundred — a thousand or more business owners out there who feel the exact same way. You have to work your ‘you know what’ off to be heard above that other noise. You have to be committed to the success of your business.

Unfortunately most people aren’t truly committed to doing what it takes to reach the level of success they say they want. As crazy as it sounds, the truth is most people don’t want success. "Bunk!", you say. Yes, it’s true.

Why? Because people have a lot of negative stuff in their heads about being successful. Here are a few things people carry around with them about making it big in business or other endeavor:

  • "It’s too much work."

  • "If I’m successful at this, it will be hard to keep it going."

  • "It’s too much responsibility."

  • "I won’t be able to ________ like I want."

  • "It will take so long to get this going."

  • "My friends and family think I’m crazy. Who do I think I am trying to start a business?"

  • "I’ll have to hire an accountant..lawyer ...assistant …sheesh, what a hassle!"

All of us have tapes that run in our head about almost everything — success, financial wealth, love, politics, …everything. Staying with this analogy, these tapes are recordings of our beliefs and what we believe shapes our life.

So, what’s an entrepreneur to do?
I’ll have a continuation on this theme in the next Making It Happen BLOG article, but in the meantime you can visit my website for more information and small business resources. Until then, here’s an assignment for you. Get up and go to a mirror; — your dresser mirror, your bathroom mirror, your reflection in the window might do if the lighting is right. Look at that person and say "I am committed to building a successful business." Now go tell your spouse, your best friend, the person at the check out counter; make it public. Put yourself on the hook for success. Now take action and do something about it.

If you don’t know what you want or what success means to you then that’s where you need to start. Check out Barbara Babkirk’s BLOG in here in MaineToday.com. Rhoda Mitchell at New Leaves or another qualified life and career counselor can help.

If you have a business, know where you want to take it and just need some clarity and a kick in the butt, give me a call. I’m offering a complementary conference session to MaineToday.com readers. Just mention the Making It Happen BLOG on when you call or email.

And remember…. Make a Commitment to Be Bold … It all starts with a Bold Vision!

Posted by Lynnelle Bianco at 01:02 PM

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