August 22, 2007

Weakness is Expensive

Employees who lack personal power cost you money...

Feel free to copy these questions and do a quick email survey in your organization:

In the past month…

1. Have you ever lost time due to a problem for which you knew an efficient solution, but lacked the authority to implement the solution or the guidance to act on your knowledge?
2. Have you ever spent time at work simply wishing you had more authority or power to act within the scope of your position?
3. Have you ever spent time correcting the mistakes or negligence of a subordinate, co-worker when you felt that person should have been given the knowledge, authority or power to do the job right the first time?
4. Have you ever lost time at work simply because you lacked the energy to get going on a task knowing that you lacked the authority or power to fully complete that task?
5. Have you ever lost time at work because your work was simply not appreciated?
6. Have you ever lost time at work thinking about better opportunities with another employer?
7. Have you ever lost time at work worrying or thinking about personal matters?
8. Have you ever lost business because you lacked the knowledge or authority to act on a particular client need?
9. Have you ever lost business because you felt that going the extra mile for a customer simply wouldn’t be appreciated by your employer?

Powerful organizations empower their people. It’s that simple, but not easy.

To create powerful employees requires that you address the needs of the individual.

Research shows that one of the most powerful employee motivators is the opportunity to fully express one’s talents and abilities on the job. To provide this opportunity, an organization must spend some time understanding an employee’s talents and applying individual abilities to the fulfillment of the individual and the satisfaction of the needs of the company.

There must be a clear protocol for employees to express individual needs, goals and ambitions to management. There must be opportunity for employees to develop and demonstrate skills, talents and abilities.

Each individual needs to know that his or her job provides the opportunity to fulfill personal goals and ambitions.

An employer willing to provide motivational seminars and programs geared to individual success will develop more productive and vested employees. These seminars will of course include specific job skill training, but will also expand into personal areas such as finance, family issues, health & wellness and personal development.

Efficiency is gained by training employees to handle more responsibility and make more decisions within the scope of their particular areas. Efficiency is gained by empowering employees in professional and personal life.

Not everyone will appreciate, or respond to the opportunity for personal and professional development. Every person that does increases your bottom line. Every minute saved increases your profitability. Every customer well served increases your potential for new business.

This philosophy extends from the front-lines to the executive offices. When your janitors are powerful, the CEO doesn’t need to mop the floors!

SPECIAL for FALL, 2007…
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Posted by Jim Bouchard at 07:19 AM

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